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The Science of Social Media Marketing

Everyone is on social media, so anyone can do social media marketing, right? Unfortunately, not quite... Social media marketing goes beyond posting pretty photos on Facebook, there is a science to it.

Facebook Algorithm -

The Facebook Gods (or properly known as the Facebook algorithm) determine winners and losers of social media marketing. Facebook remains the largest social media network and provides the best tools for marketers - their size and extended digital marketing network allows them to dictate the rules of most social media marketing. It gets more complicated as they change the rules regularly. In order to be one of the winners of social media marketing, you have to know and play by the rules.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success for all marketing is the end result of sales, but there are stepping stones to that finish line.


A successful social media ad reaches a good portion of your target market. Reach as an analytic tells you how many unique individuals your ad was shown to. Your target market is identified based on the demographics of prime customer base.


Your engagement for a social media post includes everyone who interacts with your post in any fashion - this could include liking the post, commenting or sharing. It also includes 3-second video views as well as those who click to view your post or follow your link to your website.

What can you do to increase results?

Facebook is a play-to-play site. They have nearly eliminated organic reach except for wildly viral content. In order to increase your reach and engagement (which therefore leads to more sales), you will need to dedicate a social media marketing budget to boost your posts to your target audience.

Not sure where to get started?

Reach out and let me know what your digital marketing goals are. I customize each business' marketing plan according to your budget and goals to ensure there is a plan for everyone.

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